Edoardo Di Silvestri is a successful movie producer, he received his Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Administration in 2006 at Tor Vergata University, one of best Italian Universities and second in Europe for the quality of education. He started working in the film industry in 2007 and received a Master in Production and Distribution in 2010 from the William Morris, Casini and partners Business School in Rome.

Before moving to US Edoardo Di Silvestri had worked for about 10 years in the film industry as a producer with prestigious members of Italian cinema such as: Mauro Berardi (Ricomincio da Tre, Non ci resta che piangere, and Piccolo diavolo) and he has teamed up several times with Gianfranco Piccioli (producer of nearly 60 movies, including Casotto with Jodie Foster) and Francesco Nuti (Caruso Pascoscki, Io Chiara e lo Scuro, Donne con le Gonne,). He also worked with Academy Award winners Vincenzo Cerami and Nicola Piovani (Life is Beautiful) and Branko Djuric (No Men’s land).

During his career he has produced successful projects like All Human Rights for all, a collective movie made for the 60th anniversary of the human rights declaration and produced in partnership with Unicef, United Nations, Italian Ministry of Culture and Rai Cinema. On this project he had the chance to collaborate with the most important directors and actors of the Italian and European film industry. In 2008 this project has been selected by the Rome International Film Festival for a special award for Humanitarian Achievement.

In 2010 he produced the Italian hit and now cult movie Tutti al mare inspired by Casotto (by Matteo Cerami), written by Vincenzo Cerami with the original score by Academy Award winner Nicola Piovani. The movie received some of the best reviews of the last 20 years on majors Italian newspapers and magazines.

In 2012 Edoardo produced Pollicino directed by Cristiano Anania. The movie has been selected for 130 festivals, It won 44 awards of which 14 as “Best Film” at festivals such as The Queens World film Festival in New York and it was finalist at the Italian Golden Globes.

In 2013 Edoardo Di Silvestri moved to L.A. to expand his experience and his career at an international level. Since then he produced several projects and worked with celebrities as TV star Doris Roberts (5 times Emmy’s awards) and the incredibly talented production designer Gilles Master (The Mummy, The DaVinci Code, Angel and Demons).

In 2014 he produced The Secret of Joy with Max and Fabiola Bartoli, directed by Max Bartoli. The project, made to support the Kids’ Cancer Research Foundation, generated a box office of $10,000 from its one-week release at the Laemmle Theater in North Hollywood. As part of the production team Edoardo has recently won 2 awards as best film, the Platinum Remi at the 49th WorldFest in Huston, and Best Drama Short at the LAIFFA (Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards).

He always loves to say “Cinema is the factory that makes dreams, and I like to be a dream maker”.


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